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Latest AI updates or news :

  • Artificial intelligence can predict suicide with remarkable accuracy (92%)
  • Walsh and his colleagues have created machine-learning algorithms that predict, with unnerving accuracy, the likelihood that a patient will attempt suicide. In trials, results have been 80-90% accurate when predicting whether someone will attempt suicide within the next two years, and 92% accurate in predicting whether someone will attempt suicide within the next week.            Click here for details


  • Is China is beating America in AI Research?              

The balance of power in Technology is shifting.China, which for years saw enviously as the west invented the software and the chips powering today’s digital age, has become a big player in AI, what some think may be the most important technology of the future.   Click here for details


  • “In what capacity will brainlike computers change the world?”                Robin Hanson feels that people will get rich from robot work, while Gary Marcus foresees real headways in science and medicine and Martine Rothblatt concurs with Kurzweil that we will basically in the long run end up noticeably downloadable and in this way interminable.          Click here for details.