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Manjunath is a founder and editor of FavouriteBlog.com – a Blog about Artificial Intelligence,Bot an informational media website that helps in learning AI/ML/DL/Bot .

Also follow this blog for Curated Tech News & Insights on AI/ML/DL & more. Loads of videos and links to great artificial intelligence resources on How-To’s to start.


The main aim of this Blog is to provide free resources to people (Under-Graduates/Graduates/Experienced) for learning Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Deep Learning who are looking for eBooks/Tutorials/Videos/Courses etc and start their career in this field.

I just want to make sure you definitely don’t need Master’s Or PhD’s to learn AI/ML/DL nor do you want to quit your job and learn this. If you have interest and passion in this field you can self-study to acquire the required skills by going through this blog.


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