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                     Artificial intelligence (AI) is a really hot topic today.

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Manjunath is a founder and editor of FavouriteBlog.com – a Blog about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning an informational media website that helps in learning AI/ML/DL.

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“Software is eating the world, but AI is going to eat software.” – Jensen Huang – Nvidia CEO


The main aim of this Blog is to provide FREE resources to all (Under-Graduates/Graduates/Experienced) over the world for learning Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Deep Learning who are looking for Books/Tutorials/Videos/Courses etc and find sustainable careers in emerging AI technologies.


How you can get a world-class AI & Machine learning education for free in a single page on the internet that will always be up-to-date?

You don’t need definitely a fancy Ph.D’s to learn AI/ML nor do you want to quit your day-job and learn this hot topic. If you have interest and passion in this field you can self-study to acquire the required skills by going through this blog instead of spending expensive courses and boot-camps.




Hopefully, people at all levels will find this blog to be interesting and enlightening.

Above all, I hope you all start viewing artificial intelligence as a field full of excitement rather than a field hidden with darkness, uncertainty, and fear.


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