25 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses, Training & Certifications [ UPDATED ]

25 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses, Training & Certifications

The field of Artificial Intelligence has been progressing with a quick speed, and today there are definitely no explanations behind you to not seek after it as a career, isn’t? While numerous individuals are trusting the legend that AI will wipe off occupations in the coming days, you got the opportunity to think contrastingly as AI will make brand new and flighty career paths which will be unquestionably energizing.

As indicated by Gartner, “AI will make a greater number of employments than it kills“, that a lot of chance to break. At present, there is an immense interest for AI experts, and the time is perfect for you to kick-begin your career in AI.

There are a huge amount of approaches to begin finding out about artificial intelligence on account of massive open online courses (MOOCs). You may have known about mainstream MOOC providers like Udemy, Coursera, and edX.

These providers offer a few courses on artificial intelligence that go substantially more deeper regarding the matter than your normal article or video. These courses are regularly educated by top AI scientists or specialists, however cost far not as much as a run of any college course.

To quicken your learning, we’ve gathered together some best courses we’ve found on different places. Where conceivable, we’ve arranged courses by most audits or best assessed to give you the most ideal choices.

Below are few Certifications that can enable you to start a career in AI.

Top & Best 25 Online Certification In Artificial Intelligence


Udemy Courses on Artificial Intelligence — Most Reviewed


Below are the sorted courses on Udemy, a well known online training site, by how regularly they were explored—and chosen courses with incredible surveys.

A few of these courses show up very specialized, so we’ve separated the picks into those “For Non-Specialized Marketers” and “For Developers Who Can Code.”



Section I : For Developers who can code:


1.) Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AI


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This course covers :

How to start building AI with no previous coding experience using Python

  • How to merge AI with OpenAI Gym to learn as effectively as possible
  • How to optimize your AI to reach its maximum potential in the real world



2.) Python: Artificial Intelligence with Python: 3-in-1


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Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest fields in computer science right now and has taken the world by storm as a major field of research and development. Python has surfaced as a dominant language in AI/ML programming because of its simplicity and flexibility, as well as its great support for open source libraries such as Scikit-learn, Keras, spaCy and TensorFlow.

This comprehensive 3-in-1 course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Deep Learning and use them to build intelligent systems. You’ll solve real-world problems such as face detection, handwriting recognition, and more. You’ll get an exposure to hands-on projects that simplify your first steps in the world of Artificial Intelligence with Python. You’ll get well-versed with AI conceptsthat have you up and running with AI in no time.



3.) Artificial Intelligence with Python – Deep Neural Networks


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The course is an introduction to the basics of deep learning methods. It starts with object detection and tracking, in which we will track faces, objects and eyes. We will then build a neural network and an OCR. We will then learn how to build learning agents that can learn from interacting with the environment. They will use Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks, and use TensorFlow to build neural networks. Then they build an image classifier using convolutional neural networks.


4.) Advanced AI Tutorial: Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python


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This course is all about the application of deep learning and neural networks to reinforcement learning.

the combination of deep learning with reinforcement learning has led to AlphaGo beating a world champion in the strategy game Go, it has led to self-driving cars, and it has led to machines that can play video games at a superhuman level.

This course is for Professionals and students with strong technical backgrounds who wish to learn state-of-the-art AI techniques.



5.) Artificial Intelligence Course : Reinforcement Learning in Python


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This course covers:

  • The multi-armed bandit problem and the explore-exploit dilemma
  • Ways to calculate means and moving averages and their relationship to stochastic gradient descent
  • Markov Decision Processes (MDPs)
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Monte Carlo
  • Temporal Difference (TD) Learning
  • Approximation Methods (i.e. how to plug in a deep neural network or other differentiable model into your RL algorithm)


6.) The Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Unity


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The course begins with a detailed examination of vector mathematics that sits at the very heart of programming the movement of NPCs.  Following this systems of way-points will be used to move characters around in an environment before examining the Unity waypoint system for car racing with AI controlled cars.

This course reveals the most popular AI techniques used for creating believable character behaviour in games using her internationally acclaimed teaching style and knowledge from over 25 years working with games, graphics and having written two award winning books on games AI. Through-out you will follow along with hands-on workshops designed to teach you about the fundamental AI techniques used in today’s games.


7.) Artificial Intelligence Tutorial I: Basics and Games in Java


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This course is about the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence. This topic is getting very hot nowadays because these learning algorithms can be used in several fields from software engineering to investment banking. Learning algorithms can recognize patterns which can help detecting cancer for example. We may construct algorithms that can have a very very good guess about stock price movement in the market.

This course is meant for students or anyone who interested in programming and have some background in basic Java.


8.) Artificial Intelligence Tutorial II – Neural Networks in Java


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This course is about artificial neural networks. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are getting more and more popular nowadays. In the beginning, other techniques such as Support Vector Machines outperformed neural networks, but in the 21th century neural networks again gain popularity. In spite of the slow training procedure, neural networks can be very powerful. Applications ranges from regression problems to optical character recognition and face detection. In the first part of the course you will learn about the theoretical background of neural networks, later you will learn how to implement them.

This course is recommended for students who are interested in artificial intelligence focusing on neural networks


9.) Artificial Intelligence III – Deep Learning in Java


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This course is for Anyone who wants to understand deep learning and convolutional neural networks in Java

This covers about deep learning fundamentals and convolutional neural networks. Convolutional neural networks are one of the most successful deep learning approaches: self-driving cars rely heavily on this algorithm. First you will learn about densly connected neural networks and its problems. The next chapter are about convolutional neural networks: theory as well as implementation in Java with the deeplearning4j library. The last chapters are about recurrent neural networks and the applications!


10.) Artificial Intelligence IV – Reinforcement Learning in Java


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This course is about Reinforcement Learning. The first step is to talk about the mathematical background: we can use a Markov Decision Process as a model for reinforcement learning. We can solve the problem 3 ways: value-iteration, policy-iteration and Q-learning. Q-learning is a model free approach so it is state-of-the-art approach. It learns the optimal policy by interacting with the environment. Topics Covered:

  •  Markov Decision Processes
  •  value-iteration and policy-iteration
  • Q-learning fundamentals
  • pathfinding algorithms with Q-learning
  • Q-learning with neural networks



Section II : For Marketers who cannot code:


1.) Salesforce Einstein Discovery – Easy AI and Machine Learning


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This course is for the absolute beginner to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science. If you are feeling overwhelmed by either the tsunami of data that you are tasked with trying to make sense out of, or overwhelmed by the tsunami of media coverage around Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Science, and Machine Learning.  

There is an AI and Data Discovery platform that can be constructed and configured with clicks instead of code. That platform? Salesforce Einstein.

Salesforce is the revolutionary company that disrupted the IT Industry with the advent Cloud Computing. What started as a cloud-based CRM system is now a best-in-breed, world class enterprise platform-as-a-service for Marketing, Sales, Service, eCommerce, Health, Government, IoT, and now AI, with the release of Salesforce Einstein.


2.) Microsoft Power BI – A Complete Introduction


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In this course you will learn why Power BI offers you a comprehensive set of Business Intelligence tools for your data analysis goals and how to use these tools to fulfill all of the above tasks – and more. Imagine to quickly structure your data, to easily add calculations to it and to create and publish nice-looking charts in just a few minutes. 


This course offers:

If you…

  • …never worked with the Power BI tools before
  • …have a basic understanding of selected tools of the Power BI universe and want to learn how these tools work together
  • …want to understand the latest updated version of Power BI Service, including the newly introduced App Workspaces and the creation and publishing of Apps including your dashboards, reports and datasets
  • ..want to understand the basic concepts regarding the creation of customized visuals using the Power BI Developer Tools

…then this is the right course for you.


3.) Run an Automated Twitter Online Business with SocialOomph


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The course lectures include

  • How to get clients (and even some of that is done on autopilot)
  • What to charge
  • How to quickly create superb Twitter Tweets
  • How to set up your online business to get the best results for your clients and for you 
  • The best way to use our ‘magic’ software
  • Increasing Twitter followers quickly
  • Even additional online services that you can offer to boost your earnings even further. 


4.) Artificial Intelligence Video Creation: Amazing Video Tools


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This course will cover the tools called Biteable and Lumen5 which are the world’s simplest video makers offering hundreds of free animated, live action or photo scenes in lots of different styles made by top designers.

Biteable is the God of video creation to aid you to create videos in minutes. Lumen5 whereas is an Artificial Intelligence Video Creation Tool that allows you to turn your blog posts, articles into engaging videos to post on social media platforms. 

This course will save you tons of time when it comes to creating videos without using any expensive video creation software.


5.) Be A Video Production & Video Marketing Master!


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Don’t be put off by the inclusion of the word business – it just means that this is a video production and video marketing course designed to help you make money with the skills and expertise that you’ll learn. Yes, that might be through effectively marketing your business, but it can also mean this course sets you on a new career path.

Video for Business is not a niche course, instead it covers the day to day requirements of a professional video producer and online marketer. You’ll learn about the online video landscape, the details of pre-production, how to shoot and edit professional video, the methods available to get your videos seen, ranked, clicked on and shared and finally, how to measure your results and your successes.



6.) Chatbot Building and Marketing with Chatfuel-Without Coding


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This is a comprehensive and step by step course that shows how to create a basic chatbot and then empower it with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to become an intelligent bot.

Once you have a bot, the course shows how to market the course both organically and via Facebook advertising.

It shows how to build a Chatbot step by step. If you take action in parallel, at the end of these lessons, you’ll have a functional bot in place.

So my bold claim is this. If you are in the marketing space and have high aspirations to succeed in it, you cannot afford to master Chatbot marketing.


7.) Sales Force Developer: Artificial Intelligence For Beginners


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If you’re currently thinking of advancing your skills and career into the world of Artificial Intelligence, and advancing your career as a Sales Force Developer, then this is the right course for you. If you wish to get an advanced flavor of How Sales Force uses Artificial Intelligence, this is the right course for you. If you wish to gain additional experience, this is the right course for you. If you are an existing Java, Python or any other developer and want to learn AI, then this is the right course for you. If you want to get a high paying job or advance your existing skillet in programming, this is the right course for you!


8.) Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing


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This game-changing course will cover artificial intelligence tools in content creation, curation, augmented reality and digital marketing and will take you on a glimpse into the future. We will also look at influencer marketing tools, content trends and a bit of competitor analysis through the use of BuzzSumo.


This course can change your life if you are a content expert. Because, I will provide you with a hands-on experience on creating tons and tons of articles for your blog for inbound marketing using an Artificial Intelligence content tool and you don’t even have to write the content yourself – ever again.


10.) Innovation #3 Create New Business Models by Machine Learning


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Very few years, there is a technological trend that leads to the creation of thousands of startups and/or new businesses. At present, we can say without any doubt that one of these trends is Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence).


This course is part of a series that will focus on the creation of Winning Business Models based on the latest Tech Trends. For example: 3D Printing, Internet of Things, Drones, Blockchain, among others. 



EdX Courses on Artificial Intelligence

EdX courses are offered by authorized colleges and frequently accompany the choice to get a confirmed testament or accreditation from the college for an additional expense. Top AI courses accessible on EdX include:


Artificial Intelligence Courses on Udacity


Online course provider Udacity offers few AI courses and more broad “nanodegrees” that involve a bigger course of study, more often than not in conjunction with organizations. Somebody off courses are likewise offered in organization with colleges. We gathered a portion of the best outcomes from the site:





Final Word

The present advancements in AI clarify a certain thing i.e. “The eventual fate of AI is really encouraging“. What’s more, there is no better time to get into this field than NOW. Power your insight in AI by taking the above recorded courses. Try not to pause, simply bounce in … .. who knows in future you could develop the most progressive AI system on the planet.

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