10 Best Robot Kits For Kids ( 2018 Update)

10 Best Robot Kits For Kids

Do You Want Your Child to Learn STEM skills? These 10 Build-Your-Own Robot Kits can Help


Programmable robot kits for kids are an extraordinary method to present your children to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

STEM: This is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s a “development” put forward by the U.S. Bureau of Education to encourage instructors and parents to prepare students for the Jobs of tomorrow.

It’s intended for understudy interaction with genuine projects, giving trial learning exercises that push students to research, understand, and make solutions.

Programmable robot kits can be a fun and educational experience for pretty much anybody, regardless of any age.

Working with these robotic kits can cultivate a feeling of achievement, creativity and motivate the brain as children work out better approaches to program the robots to perform an assignment.

Programmable robot kits educate numerous skills other than the conspicuous ones, for example, learning fundamental programming.


Our Top 10 Best Recommended Picks Robot Kits for Kids



10.)  4M Doodling Robot


 4M Doodling Robot




  • Vibration and spin help this creative robot doodle a picture without guiding your hand
  • Includes: parts, pens and assembly instructions
  • Be ready to frame your work of art
  • Requires one AA battery (not included)
  • Create a green science project


Age Group: 7+


Ideal for: Simple, artists, low cost




9.) Thames & Kosmos Remote Control Machines

Thames & Kosmos Remote Control Machines




  • Build your own motorized vehicles and machines
  • Unique six button infrared remote control
  • Three motors can be combined to make complex vehicles and machines in numerous configurations
  • Assemble up to 10 models
  • Kit comes with everything you need


Age Group: 7+


Ideal for: Intermediate, creatives, mechanics



8.) Smithsonian Science Activities Robo Spider Kit


Smithsonian Science Activities Robo Spider Kit




  • Motorized and Battery operated
  • Includes 1 Spider, 2 wires, batter and color poster
  • Adult supervision required



Age Group: 7+


Ideal for: Simple, low price, insect lovers





7.) 4M Table Top Robot


4M Table Top Robot




  • The Table Top Robot is a hands-on science kit that teaches the basics of robotics by constructing a working robot crab.
  • When activated, the robot crab scuttles under its own power and changes direction when it encounters an obstacle. Place it on a tabletop and watch it perform acrobatic tricks.
  • 4M educational toys cover a wide range of educational subjects and include science kits, arts and crafts kits, robotics kits, and more.
  • 4M offers a wide range of toys and kits to let you build a clock, crochet a placemat, or turn your room into a planetarium–all in the name of making learning fun.


Age Group: 10+


Ideal for: Simple, Low cost










  • Beginner course in robotics
  • NAPPA Children’s Competition, Honor Winner
  • Battery included for eyes, no batteries required for pull back motor


Age Group: 6+


Ideal for: Very Easy & Simple, For younger children



6.) Kuman Project Complete Starter Kit for Arduino UNO


Kuman Project Complete Starter Kit for Arduino UNO






  • This is an upgraded Super Starter Kit with free PDF tutorial(23 lessons), developed specially for those beginners who are interested in arduino.
  • The kit has 44pcs components With tutorial in a CD including project introduction and source code,add More modules:LED Thermistor Touch sensor module than old version.
  • The UNO R3 board 1602 LCD display with pin header HC-SR04 Ultrasonic 5V Relay Power Supply Module Servo Motor 9V Battery with DC Prototype Expansion Board are included
  • Detailed tutorials including project introduction and source code CAN BE PROVIDED FOR FREE



Age Group: 10+


Ideal for: Intermediate/Advanced, coding, limitless possibilities



5.) Lego Mindstorms


Lego Mindstorms




  • Control and command your robot with the enclosed remote control or download the free app for your smart device
  • Intelligent EV3 Brick with powerful ARM9 processor, Wi-Fi USB port and Internet connectivity, Micro SD card reader, back-lit buttons and 4 motor ports
  • 3 interactive servo motors, remote control, imp. and redesigned color sensor, redesigned touch sensor, infrared sensor, 550+ LEGO Technic elements
  • Control your robot via the infrared sensor system; intuitive software (PC and Mac) with icon-based drag-and-drop programming interface


Age Group: 10+


Ideal for: LEGO lovers, Coding, High-end



4.) Robolink 11 in 1 Programmable Robot Kit – Educational Starter Robotics Kit for Arduino Learners


Robolink 11 in 1 Programmable Robot Kit





  • The robots made with this kit are very sturdy and high quality.
  • The best part is that the kit comes preprogrammed for a number of robots and yet it also has an IDE so that you can develop unique robots.


Age Group: 10+


Ideal for: Arduino programming, Mechanics



3.) Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot


Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot




  • Green Science – millions of metal drink cans are thrown away every day
  • You can recycle one of them to complete this project
  • Kit includes parts and instructions, just add a “can” do attitude
  • Great for the “science” enthusiast in your family
  • Recommended for children 3 years or older due to small parts



Age Group: 8+


Ideal for: Very Easy & Simple, Low cost



2.) Makeblock Starter Robot Kit-Blue for Arduino Learners


Makeblock Starter Robot





  • STEM Education: Perfect choice for beginners to learn robotics, electronics and program.
  • One Kit, Two Robots: Build a Robot Tank or a Three-Wheeled Robot Car with this kit – Aluminum extrusion structure.
  • Scratch Arduino Programming: Drag and drop visual graphic programming – Makeblock based on Scratch 2.0 and Arduino programming. This kit will teach you all about programming a micro-controller board to control physical objects using sensors.



Age Group: 12+


Ideal for: Intermediates, Arduino, coding


Arduino: An open-source hardware and software platform. It consists of boards that read inputs and convert data into outputs. This data is managed through the Arduino programming language and Arduino-based software.



1.) Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot





This dash robot from Wonder Workshop speaks in English and German and is battery operated.

It makes for a great addition to you collection of toy robots.


Age Group: 8+


Ideal for: Absolute Beginners, coding, apps






Robot kits for kids offer a fun and educational building experience. Has your child used a robotics kit?






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