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Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC)

What is a Crash Course?

crash course in a particular subject is a short course in which you are taught basic facts or skills, for example before you start a new jobalso called cram course.


Below are the Top and Best Machine Learning Crash Course which are Popular:


Before going through these courses you might need to know 25+ essential skills required to become Machine Learning Engineer.


1.) Machine Learning Crash Course from Google



2.) 10 Free Training Courses on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence



3.) Top 10 Free Machine Learning Online Courses and Tutorials



4.) 10 Best Global Machine Learning Certifications & Training


4.) 25 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses, Training & Certifications


5.) 10 Best Deep Learning Global Certifications and Training



5.)  Udacity’s Intro to Machine Learning


Udacity Intro to Machine Learning Review

Udacity’s Supervised, Unsupervised & Reinforcement



6.) Coursera’s Machine Learning

Video only

Coursera Machine Learning review

Coursera: Machine Learning Roadmap

 Machine Learning Distilled

 BigML training

 Coursera’s Neural Networks for Machine Learning



7.) Machine Learning courses in Universities


 Machine Learning Summer Schools




9.) Machine Learning Primers – Berkeley Machine Learning Crash Course

Machine Learning Crash Course: Part 1

Machine Learning Crash Course: Part 2

Machine Learning Crash Course: Part 3

Machine Learning Crash Course: Part 4



10.) Best 15 Deep Learning Open Courses and Tutorials


11.) Top 7 Best Deep Learning Online Courses


12.) Machine Learning Recipes


13.) Python Machine Learning Mini-Course


14.) Machine Learning Crash Course 2015


14.) New Deep Learning Courses on Coursera ( 5 Courses)


15.) Microsoft launches new online training courses for aspiring AI engineers


16.) Nvidia Deep Learning Course


17.) Baidu Deep Learning Course


18.) Deep Learning On AWS


19.) AI Program Intel Student Ambassador


19.) AI Uber Residency


20.) AI School from Microsoft : Learning Path




The above courses are offered by the top tech giants which will definitely Boost your Career gap/talent gap as well as bringing more developers and new graduates on new platform to create AI. Such activities will likewise separate obstructions for AI groups to share their best procedures and research to boost social advantages and handle moral concerns and make it easier for understudies from different fields to get more access to ML.




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