Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android & iOS [UPDATED]

Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android & iOS

Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android & iOS


Each tech combination is presently discussing artificial intelligence for influencing the applications we to utilize each day, more intelligent. AI empowers algorithms to take in our habits, what we really like, what we don’t, where we are at what time, essentially, it endeavors to convey human-level accuracy to the applications we’re usual to.

While, the AI world is still in its earliest stages considering the massive potential, designers have just started to acknowledge machine learning’s potential and have been concocting ways for enhancing functionality. Subsequently, in this article, we discuss such smartphone applications you should investigate.

This article lists below the Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and iOS which you should never miss out. 


1.) Socratic – DIY STUDY HACKS FOR SCHOOL | FREE Homework Application!

Back to school can be tough particularly when you have a huge amount of homework! I need to help make your concentrate simple this year! This new application Socratic is the BEST homework application I have attempted, in addition to its FREE! This video will enable you to ponder more efficiently to finish your test + get good grades this year!


2.) Microsoft Pix – A More brilliant Camera Application

Microsoft Pix is a shrewd camera application that naturally causes you require better photographs without additional exertion. It’s worked with genuine insight behind the focal point, so it’s somewhat similar to having an expert picture taker tweaking your settings between each shot.

This guarantees individuals and scenes look awesome, so you can concentrate on getting a charge out existing apart from everything else as opposed to attempting to catch it. Microsoft Pix: Point. Shoot. Idealize.

Accessible now for iPhone and iPad.

Get Microsoft Pix FREE today at


3.) Roll App


The Roll is our new iOS application that automatically sorts out, tags and finds the best photographs on your phone. How? By utilizing next-generation image recognition technology to do only that. That is correct, you must see this for yourself.

Download it on the application store now:


4.) WhatsApp Image Cleaner – Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp


Android App Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp identifies the junk photos and then clean them intelligently, we don’t know the trick behind it but we know it works. Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp has been installed by 100+ users and has an average rating of 4.3 in Google Play Store.


5.) SwiftKey AutoCorrect Keyboard – the less frustrating way to type on Android

Move up to SwiftKey Console and experience autocorrect that really works.

Get it free on Google Play now:


6.) Hound

Hound is the best way to search using your voice.

Hound is different: • Extremely fast responses • You speak naturally, no need to learn special keyword phrases • Follow-up to filter, sort, or add more information to your query so you can be specific You can also go hands-free by saying, “Ok Hound…”

Features include: • Weather + Temperature – “What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow at 6pm? – • Local Search + Yelp Restaurants –  “Show Restaurants within 10 miles except for Chinese”

Navigation (GPS) + Directions – Ask for a destination and to navigate there seamlessly – “Show me directions to the nearest Starbucks” • Hotel Search + Expedia booking – Be specific on travel options – “Show hotels in Seattle that are pet-friendly, have a gym, and cost less than $XXX”

Uber – Get fare estimates, journey time, speak your destination and book, all hands-free • Make phone calls and send text messages – hands-free personal assistant .

• And more: Video search, News search, Photo & Image search, Stock Prices, Flight status, Date and Time, Alarm and Timer, Music search etc


7.) Robin


The new app like Google assistant Robin the Siri challenger.


8.) ELSA


ELSA remains for English Language Speech Assistant, and it is a mobile app which uses AI to enable individuals to enhance their pronunciation. It is the first and the world’s most astute AI pronunciation coach. This application was helped to establish by Vu Van and Xavier Anguera. Vu Van herself endured with pronunciation issues while she was learning at Stanford.


9.) Easilydo

EasilyDo becomes your very own virtual assistant, helping you stay on track by consolidating all of your daily smartphone tasks, responsibilities and activities in one place.

DownLoad EasilyDo on Google Play:…

DownLoad EasilyDo in the App Store:…


10.) Allo


Allo is an AI-driven messaging application created by Google. It was propelled on September 21, 2016, and is accessible for both Android and iOS. At first glance, you’ll feel that it is fundamentally the same as numerous other informing applications out there. Be it join with the phone number, one-on-one or gathering visits, voice messages, themed stickers, or pictures with a doodle, it is practically what any informing application offers.



So those were a portion of the lesser known smartphone applications that are utilizing artificial intelligent  (AI) algorithms . You can likewise discover AI instruments implanted in mainstream applications a whole lot more.

Do comment down underneath on the off chance that I missed a decent one.


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