Top & Best Artificial Intelligence Products/Companies

Top & Best Artificial Intelligence products/companies in various categories

I have spent few hours for shortlisting Top and Best AI products/companies/chatbots in different categories and given a web link to explore more on this.


Personal Agents

Google Assistant — everyday personal assistant

Amazon Echo/Alexa — everyday personal partner for in-home

Apple Siri — everyday individual partner on iPhone and Mac

Cortana—regular individual partner on PC and Windows gadgets

Also see the link for differences between siri-vs-google-assistant-vs-cortana-vs-alexa-battle-of-the-ai-assistants

Last Facebook M — competitors to Siri, Google Now and Cortana.


 Professional Agents 

SkipFlag — automatically find and compose your work—meeting booking aide — personal collaborator to help you at work

Clara — right-hand meeting booking

My Ally — handles meeting booking and oversees date-book

Vesper — virtual collaborator


Wellbeing — diagnose wheezing and tooth-crushing

Airi — personal wellbeing mentor

Amélie — chatbot for emotional wellness

Abi — your virtual wellbeing associate — helps you watch over friends and family with Alzheimer’s

Ada — can help in case you’re feeling unwell

Gyan — helps you go from side effects to likely conditions

Kiwi — helps you to diminish and quit smoking

Joy — helps you track and enhance your emotional well-being



Thirdleap — helps youngsters to learn maths

Woogie — the conversational AI robot that makes learning and disclosure a good time for kids



UnifyID — verify your personality by the way you walk, sort and sit

Ems — helps you locate the ideal place to live



News360 — learns what you appreciate and discovers stories you’ll like



Mezi —assists with booking flights, lodgings, eatery reservations and that’s just the beginning

Ready — traffic forecaster and travel time expectation

Emma—naturally figures and includes meeting travel time

Ada — chatbot that helps you explore and decide

ETA — helps you oversee travel schedules and gatherings


Wearables — wearable for hand to hand fighting to help break down kicks and battles



Mara — smarter running application

Vinli — turns any auto into a keen auto

Aiva — composes passionate soundtrack music

Fembot—your AI sweetheart

Docubot — can exhort you on legitimate issues

Liv — transcribe discussions in English and Hindi

Robby — a better and more brilliant date-book

Newton — helps you discover a fantasy work

Woo — helps to settle best choice for your profession

Pandora — finds music you may like — helps you discover attire on the web

Apollo — breaks down articles and PDF’s into speedy, decipherable dab focuses

Microsoft Translator — language interpreter controlled by neural systems

Stella — scans for occupations and deals with your application procedure

Iris — helps you examine and imagine ideas in research papers

Fify — helps you search for garments—crowdfunding stage for AI ventures

Driveway — tracks and rewards safe drivers

Wixi — helps you settle Wifi issues

GoFind — helps you discover attire online by taking a photograph — dating application with Face Search


Robots & Chatbot

Roboy—a humanoid robot expected to be as competent as a human

Dispatch — delivery by robot

Luka — chatbot errand person for individuals and different chatbots

Chatfuel — create a Facebook chatbot in 7 minutes

myWave — chatbot to help you all through your day by day life



Wallet — AI for your day by day back choices

Roger — helps you pay charges effortlessly

Andy — an individual Tax Accountant — AI loaning chatbot

Bond — helps you accomplish your money related objectives

Mylo — rounds up your regular buys and contribute the extra change


Finally below are my favourite blogs I see for latest news updates.


Machine Learning Weekly — a hand-curated newsletter ML and DL  Mainly on Deep Learning contents

Storyteller — the emergence of new narratives as intelligent algorithms — dedicated news and updates for ML and AI

PRAI —  Portal for AI, ML and Robotics

AI Weekly — a week by week accumulation news and assets on AI and ML — AI analysts

Approximately Correct — AI and Machine Learning blog


Please let me know if I had missed any major companies/products here I will surely add more.

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